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Centiva Health

What is Centiva Health?

Centiva Health is a global platform that connects the supply of and demand for personal health data. On the one hand, a blockchain platform enables health organizations (healthcare providers, policymakers, payers, NGOs, life sciences, researchers, academia etc.) to tap into a pool of first-hand health data providers, patients, in order to advance the organization’s health objectives, develop treatments and improve global health. On the other hand, the Centiva app enables patients to participate in their own health by sharing targeted data about their health condition with health organizations directly and get a fair reward for doing so. Centiva Health caters the on demand first hand health data ecosystem with novel technology characterized by trust, transparency, fairness and due consent.


Our vision is to reinvent access to personal health data and to create a fair incentive system that promotes health data for better health for all.


Our mission is to activate health data where and when it is most needed by engaging healthcare “actors” on a platform that provides trust, transparency, fairness, confidentiality, and due consent. We leverage blockchain technology to empower everyone simultaneously:

- those who provide first hand health data to advance their own health condition.


- those who are in need of that health data in order to advance medicine and global health.