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How does it work on a practical level?

  1. The information seeker defines the query, the query is written on the blockchain and the individual’s app reads the blockchain.
  2. If the meta data (e.g. age or health problem), that you entered in the Centiva app and which is stored locally, matches the query then your app displays the query to you.
  3. If you accept the offer you are guided to a page where you receive further instructions by the information seeker how to provide the data.
  4. In the first version of the Centiva platform the raw data e.g. questionnaire data, will be transmitted but we are sponsoring a research project where we test a temporary storage system where the info-seeker can analyze the data, gets the results but never the original data.

Very often it is not legacy data that is of interest to seekers but real-world data such as treatment side effect under a certain medication. This data is very time consuming and costly to get, but invaluable for an outcome based reimbursement.

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