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Decentralized Patient Registry

The Centiva platform supports consensual sharing of health information between organizations looking for health-related data and individuals who can provide the data. Due to blockchain technology it is decentralized and autonomous, i.e. not controlled and maintained by an organization but GDPR compliant.

Access to patients

The #1 reason why medical research projects fail are problems in the recruitment of participants. A decentralized patient registry allows researchers to broadcast who they are looking for without the burden to maintain a databank with profile data of participants.

Consent to use data

It is the individuals who control the access to their data. In the world of data protection laws researcher have to be able to get real-time consent. This can be achieved by mapping the Centiva wallet ID with any record ID.

Fair compensation

Compensating research participants for the effort they undertake to provide data offline or online increases their response rate. With blockchain technology and digital asset transfer this is super easy and transparent.

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GDPR Compliant

No personal health data is stored on the HIT platform

Blockchain Verified

Transactions and agreements are transparent and immutable

Data Access

You decide what data you want to share and with whom

Patient Recruitment

Tailored broadcasting what data you are looking for
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